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Vincent Rumahloine, a contemporary artist, delves into society's social fabric and everyday aspects with a playful and inquisitive approach. His artistic practice revolves around people, exploring various subjects such as social issues, human rights, traditional values, human relations, collective memories, and reimagining historical narratives. In recognition of his talent, Vincent was awarded the sixth Bandung Contemporary Art Award in 2019. His winning project, "Don't Call Me A Hero," was exhibited at the Latiwangi Art Gallery in Bandung and tells the compelling story of an Indonesian exile in Prague who lost his citizenship following the tragedy of 1965.

Vincent's work serves as a bridge, effectively closing societal gaps by infusing a touch of the uncanny and utilizing artistic strategies to engage with the lives and experiences of those who may not typically be immersed in the art world. He completed his studies in Ceramics at The Bandung Institute of Technology in 2009 and has since made significant contributions as an art teacher and social worker, particularly in supporting individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Vincent's project "Moving Museum," which uncovers untold stories and objects from local communities, has been showcased at prominent venues including the Pulosari Public Space in Bandung, the Contemporary Ujazdowksi Castle in Warsaw, Poland, and The National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta.

In addition, Vincent's latest interdisciplinary project, developed in collaboration with Mang Dian during the 2020 pandemic, explores the intersections of agriculture, art, science, music, traditional ecological knowledge, and community. This project, known as "Sedekah Benih," has gained recognition as one of the seven prototypes at the esteemed Driving The Human festival and has been exhibited in various locations, including Bandung, Radial System Berlin, Waisenhausplatz Pforzheim, Silent Green Berlin, and ZKM Karlsruhe.

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