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I was born in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia in 1984 and grew up in Bandung. I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramic at Bandung Institute of Technology in 2009. After I graduated form the art school I teaches art in the high school, after school program, and also elementary school until 2013. While I was teaching I work as volunteer in Rumah Cemara an NGO that works with HIV/AIDS and marginalized community in Bandung, these experiences give an opportunity on working with peoples from different communities. During this time I initiate few public program that related with bringing people together using many different forms of activity such as food, group discussions, and sport. My project is about to create a bridge between marginalized communities and public. I formed a boxing gym in 2013 for peoples with HIV, drug users, LGBTs and slowly open for public in 2014, this is become a safe space for peoples can interact through sports.  In 2014 I decided to become a full time artist and start my Family Portrait Project by starting my independent residency program in one of the area in Bandung. 

Much of my practice is a response to xenophobia and how this creates gaps between communities. There is an Indonesian proverb that says “Tak kenal maka tak sayang” that means we need to open up ourselves first before love will emerge. Through my projects I try to offer an experience of being in a safe space that creates a common ground and existence in the moment without fear and prejudice. My main goal is that people will interact and open themselves to know each other more so that love will emerge and slowly prejudice and fear will dissolve. Field observations and interactions on a daily basis are important for my project, which is closely related with social practice. I try to engage with the moment and be open for any possibilities. Being in the moment, listening, and avoiding prejudice are critical. In this process I explore collective memories, archives, values, spaces, and social relations in order to find a common ground between people. I have worked with food, sport, and music together with institutions or the communities. In particular I have worked with communities that are generally labeled dangerous and marginalized by society at large. 


In 2017 I became a manager of a punk band for a year and completed a European tour performing in the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, and Belgium. Now i am  working closely with independent movement in Bandung with the special focus on music; not limiting himself to punk only, but engaging also with traditional, electronic, metal, or folk music. Recently, I got my own radio show in Bandung called Ego Talks, which is a special  program about the indie movement in Bandung.In early 2018 I started my interdisciplinary collective learning class called Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer that use a traditional way of teaching, unlearning, and learning that usually used in the villages in Indonesia for traditional art. Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer using art making process as a common ground and safe space for all the members. Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer now has 5 core members that came form various background such as management, IT, journalism, and art with 40 other members. For about one year ago i started to run an instagram account along with my brother who's  an IT  and  used it to celebrate the  diversity in Indonesia through freedom of expression.  Now this account already has 16,000 followers.