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Laser Jet Print on A3 art paper
2015 - 2025

































The future is something that people are most curious about. It is a mystery that makes us search for a way to predict it, to read it, to visualize it. Horoscopes, fortune telling, science-fiction works, all of that is stimulated by people's curiosity about the future. The calendar is a charted system of reckoning time. It is the closest thing I can imagine that gives us certainty when looking into the future. Tuesday will always fall on Tuesday, and April will always arrive after March.

The Calendar Project is my prayer of hope to twelve of my friends that were around me during the year 2015. It is combined with the idea of a time capsule. During that year on various occasions I took their photographs, talked with them and wrote down what happened to them around that moment in their life. Then I displayed their photographs on each page connecting them with one month of the year. Just like celebrities in a popular calendar.

Underneath I wrote something that might happen to them in the next ten years. I wrapped the calendar in a transparent plastic and wrote down the instructions on it when to open it. I sold this calendar on an art auction that I also organized. The buyer agreed on the rules that they will open the calendar in the year 2025 and see if my prayers and hopes will match with the facts or not.

This is an ongoing project and currently I am in the process of creating the 2026 and 2027 editions.

editor : Damjan Roce

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