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Education :

BA, Ceramic Major, 2004-2009 Faculty of Arts, Bandung Institute Of Technology


Solo Exhibitions:

2015                 “Family Portrait Project 1 : Pulosari” Lapangan Ujung, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia.

2017                 The Yellow House Project “Immigrant Project”, The Yellow House, Jarfalla, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017                 “Family Portrait Project 2 : Lodan, Tongkol, Kerapu” Kampung Lodan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia


Group Exhibitions:

2009                 Human Rights Photo Exhibition, HABIBIE FOUNDATION, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2011                 Extranoema, Padi Gallery, Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          The Other I, Padi Galerry, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          Distraksi, Titik Oranje Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          Long Live Milosudae, Soemardja Gallery, Bandung.

                          Photo Exhibition "Indonesia di mata kami", Sekertariat PDI-P, Bandung, Indonesia.

2012                 25 finalist Exhibition for Festival of Printmaking, Lawangwangi Art & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          25 finalist Exhibition for Bandung Contemporary Art Award #02, Lawangwangi  Art & Science Estate, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          Fourteen For Teenager, Airplane, Bandung.

                          Extranoema, Padi Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 OFFM Public Art Panels, Frankfurt, Germany 

                          Langkah Kepalang Dekolonialisasi, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

                          Kunst Und Umwelt, YPK building, Bandung, Indonesia

                          Temporal, Gedung Gas Negara Building, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 Open House Goethe Insititut Bandung, Indonesia

                          Domestic Affairs, Omni Space, Bandung, Indonesia

2017                 Studi Selat Sunda, 24 hours performance art, Jakarta –   Lampung, Indonesia.

                          Arisan Project : “Maju – Mundur Collective Projects”, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          One Child One Like Projekt , Kunstkring Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

                          One Child One Like Projekt, Jakarta International School, Jakarta, Indonesia.

                          Resi ”PROVOKASI”, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

                          Gotong Royong “THINGS WE DO TOGETHER”, Central of Contemporary Art  Ujazdowski, Warsaw, Poland.

2018                 Goodbye Ai Wei Wei , INI PROJECT, Prague, Czech Republic.

                          “15 Years of Existence”, Rumah Cemara, Bandung, Indonesia.

                          Manifesto 6.0 "Multipolar" National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

                          Trace Aura , Stanford International School, Bandung, Indonesia​.

                         "Patungan Patung, Yuk", Rumah Radi, Bandung, Indonesia

2019                 Series of mini exhibition, Helu Trans, Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

                          Open Studio Meet Factory 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

                          Finalist Of Bandung Contemporary Art Awards #6, Lawang Wangi Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia.


Speakers and Workshops:

2014                 Speaker and Judge for Photo and video workshop, Indonesian Medical Student’s Training and Competition ,Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Guest Lecturer for Photo documentary and film documentary, Anthropology Padjajaran University. Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 Speaker: Symposium “ART OF ANTIEXCLUTION”, Singapore.

2016                 Workshop “How to start an art project with community”, Symposium “ART OF ANTIEXCLUTION”, Singapore.

2017                 Mentor and Workshop “Design Thinking” INDDES, Bandung Institute Of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia.

2017                 Speaker: “Exotication” with Igor Stokfiszewski from URSUS at CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.

                          Speaker: “Don't Call Me Hero” INI project, Prague, Czech.

                          Speaker: “Indonesia Without Stigma” CCA Ujazdowksi Castle, Warsaw, Poland.

2018                 Speaker: "Artist - Anthropologist Extravaganza" , Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.

                          Speaker:  Environmental Anthropologist Master Class, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.

                          Speaker:  Publishing Class, Stockholm University,  Stockholm, Sweden.

                          Speaker : "How to survive as an artist in Indonesian Contemprary art scene", Artes, Bandung, Indonesia.

2019                 Workshop and Speaker for the program with UAP Poznan, Hradek, Czech Republic.

                          Speaker for Hranicar Gallery Public Program, Usti Na Labem, Czech Republic.

                         Workshop : Mobile Phone Photography with Rumah Banda, Banda Neira, Indonesia

                         Workshop : Photography and Videography at SMPN 2 Banda, Banda, Indonesia

                         Workshop : Basic Photography with Rumah Banda, Neira, Indonesia

                         Workshop : Videography at Tana Rata, Banda Neira, Indonesia.



2010                 Founder of Kelas Entar Malem, Artist Initiative cross-disciplinary learning class, Bandung, Indonesia.

2013                 Founder of Rumah Cemara Boxing Camp, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 Founder of Arisan Project, Artist – Anthropologist initiative cross-disciplinary project, Bandung,  Indonesia.

2018                 Founder of Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontempor, Collective based school of art for public, Bandung, Indonesia.

2018                 Executive Director of Rodha Among Karsa (RAKARSA) Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia.

Residencies experiences:

2005                 Putaran Miring, Desa Bayat, Klaten, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

2015                 Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 Goethe Institute Bandung, Indonesia.

2017                 Inhabitant Zero Residency Program, Stockholm, Sweden.

2017                 Kampung Lodan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.

2018                 Central of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.

2018                 South South Media Lab Residency Program, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2019                 Meet Factory,Prague, Czech Republic.

2019                 Indonesia Mengajar 2019, Banda Neira, Kepulauan Banda


Visiting artist :

2018                 Stockholm University, Anthropology Department, Stockholm, Sweden.


Collaboration Projects:

2014                 Solidarity Run with Rumah Cemara, Sport Festival, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Museum Kuya Gaya (Guardian of the River Community),  Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Art Against Stigma with Rumah Cemara, ITB Art Fair, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 V- Auction Performance Art at A stone A solo Exhibition collaboration with Omnispace, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 V- Auction Performance Art at Getok Tular 1 collaboration with Omni Space, Bandung, Indonesia.

2017                 V- Auction Performance Art at Getok Tular 2 collaboration with Omni Space, Bandung, Indonesia.

2018                 Performance Art at Społem collaboration with Al Ghorrie from Jatiwangi Art Factory, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw Poland.

2018                 Performance Art at Artist – Anthropologist Extravaganza with John Freyer and Johan Lindquist, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden.

2018                "Patungan Patung, Yuk", Short Research based project and exhibition collaboration with Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer,Bandung, Indonesia.

2019                 Malam Kesenian 2019  Banda collaboration with Rumah Banda, Banda Neira , Kepulauan Banda, Indonesia.


Curatorial experiences:

2015                 Art Against Stigma Rumah Cemara, ITB Art Fair, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Family Portrait Project #1, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Moving Museum: River Community Kuya Gaya, YPK building, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Penance, Andro Napitupulu Solo Exhibitions, Omni Space, Bandung, Indonesia.

2015                 Moving Museum: Pulosari Community Museum Exhibition, Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia.

2016                 Rückblick, Open House Goethe Institute Bandung, Indonesia.

2017                 Family Portrait Project #2, Kampung Lodang, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2018                 Moving Museum : Rumah Cemara Community, CCA Udjazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland. 

2018                 Moving Museum : Rumah Cemara Boxing Camp, National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2018                 "LATAR BELAKANG" Nasrul Akbar Solo Exhibition, Omni Space ,Bandung, Indonesia.

2018                 "METAMORFOSIS"  Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer First Classs Exhibition, Bandung Creative Hub, Bandung, Indonesia.

2018                 "Buku Harianku tetapi bukan ingatanku", Mei Homma Solo Exhibition, The Wall, Bandung, Indonesia.​

2019                "Banda dan Sejarah", Banda Neira, Kepulauan Banda, Indonesia.


Awards :

2009                3rdPlace of the “Human Rights Photo Contest” by Habibie Foudation, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2013                Finalist of Bandung Printmaking Festival, Lawang Wangi, Bandung, Indones

2013                25 Finalist of Second Bandung Contemporary Art  Award, Lawang Wangi, Bandung, Indonesia.

2019                Best Artist of  Sixth Bandung Contemporary Art Award, Lawang Wangi, Bandung, Indonesia. 


Writing/Publications :

2014                One Prisoners HIV Campaign https://www.bbc.com/news/in-pictures-28342810

2018                The Art of Anti-Exclusion“A collection of writings by Asian artists working with communitiesIn collaboration with June Goh, Syed Ibrahim, Alecia                                Neo, Akemi Minamida, Makoto Nomura, Ming Poon, Ashwini Raghupathy, Vincent Rumahloine, Bellini Yu.”Edited by Felicia Low.