Resipro(vo)kasi Exhibition
Curated by : Bayu Genia Khrisbie
National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, 2017

For the second project of family portrait I took the project to the capital city of Indonesia Jakarta. Jakarta considered as a place where peoples can achieve their dream, so many peoples are moving to Jakarta each year since 70’s. Overpopulation surely becomes one of the problems in Jakarta nowadays. The government trying to arrange the city to be more proper, one of their policies is eviction. Eviction has been planned since many years ago, where Jakarta starts to think about vertical living as one of the solution of the land problem. One of the Governors that well known with this idea is Basuki Tjahaya Saputra or Ahok. During his time so many places have been evicted until it’s stopped when Ahok got into a problem that put him in Jail. The new governor wins the election because he is not supporting the eviction plan. 

Lodan, Kerapu, and Tongkol is the areas that include on the eviction plan. They are fighting their rights since the plan by Ahok until now with the new governor. I visited this area in 2015, since then i visited them every time I visited Jakarta. I became friend with the peoples there until in 2017 I got the invitation from a curator that concerning in the participatory art project in Indonesia. For this exhibition I decided to do the Family Portrait part two in Lodan, Kerapu, and Tongkol. The concept is the same with the first Family Potrait but in the different city. I decided to do a short residency for three weeks by moving in to the area and spent time there to get to know the peoples more. I set up my studio at the second floor of a Mosque and spent a lot time with the imam to talk about the area. I did the photo shoot and then I exhibit the photos at the walls. 

I found interesting facts from this project about the relations between the peoples within the community with the spaces and house. Most of the families want to have their family portrait in front of their house. The reason is because they never know if tomorrow they will own the house, cause they are still in the government eviction plan. Living in Jakarta is really tough; the character of the people s is really caring about their territory. They will do anything to defend their territory; they even formed a coalition between three areas to fight this eviction plan. Before the eviction plan these three areas are often fight each other. They are started to move to these areas in 70’s, they are already lived there for three generations now. 

In Bandung also I worked with the community that has a similar problem, but the response to the problem are manifested differently. In Bandung the areas are working independently and wait for NGO’s or activists to come and help them, in Jakarta they initiate their fight by themselves. The city actually shapes the peoples characters. Jakarta is tougher the Bandung that considered more layback and chill, this also related with the weather. Jakarta is way hotter than Bandung. In Bandung the peoples that live in the area that I am working with are mostly coming from the same places and tribes, In Jakarta the peoples are coming from all over Indonesia and more diverse. 

There many others that related more with political issue that I found during this project. Through interaction with families in one area is a really good way to understand the social problem within an area, that is really good on creating a policies and also to invent a solution that will fit the community. 

To see the short documentary of this project go to FILM section.