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Bandung, Indonesia 2016
Kunst und Umwelt Exhibition
































Curated by : Tisna Sanjaya

"Kunst Und Umwelt" (Art and Environment) is an exhibition initiated as part of the Goethe Institute in Bandung. Its main objective is to address the pressing environmental challenges faced by the city. Bandung's rapid development has led to various issues, such as floods, pollution, water scarcity, and waste management problems. In response to these challenges, I took the initiative to launch the Moving Museum.

The Moving Museum is a platform where I showcase objects from the Kuya Gaya community. This independent group has been actively engaged in environmental initiatives, specifically focused on restoring the Cikapundung River, since 2011. By featuring their work, I intend to raise awareness and acknowledge their commendable efforts in cleaning up the river. My collaboration with Kuya Gaya dates back to 2011 when we worked together on the Kuncen Leuwi project in 2014. Kuncen Leuwi, meaning "the guardian of the river," is an artwork dedicated to the founders and members of the Kuya Gaya community.

Building upon my previous project, the Family Portrait, the Moving Museum continues my partnership with the same community. This time, we focus on the environmental issue concerning the green area in the northern part of Bandung. This region is a crucial water catchment area and green belt for the city. Ideally, it should remain untouched by concrete buildings. However, due to corruption within the government, developers have obtained permits to construct resorts, apartments, hotels, and housing in this ecologically significant zone. These permits are often acquired through bribery.

Similar practices of occupying public spaces can be observed in the streets of Bandung, where setting up street food stalls on pavements only requires payments to local parking attendants, police officers, and even local gangsters. I have noticed a recurring pattern of occupying spaces through financial transactions. Leveraging the trust I had established with the local gangsters during my Family Portrait project, I decided to explore the possibilities of occupying public spaces. Through their trust, I managed to secure a space free of charge, which led to the creation of the moving museum.

The concept behind the moving museum is to delve into the idea of occupying spaces through trust and art. It is a collaborative project involving myself, local individuals, and architects, all working together to experiment with the construction and design of a mobile museum in the form of a 2x2 cube. This project is an ongoing endeavor that allows for continuous improvement and development as we progress.

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