Kunst Und Umwelt 
YPK Building
Bandung, Indonesia, 2015
Curated by : Tisna Sanjaya

Kunst Und Umwelt or in English Art and Environment is an exhibition that initiated by Goethe Institute Bandung. This exhibition is responding the environmental issues of Bandung. Bandung is developing really fast this development also bring another problems such as floods, pollution, lack of water, and garbage. For this project I launched my Moving Museum, I exhibit the objects from the Kuya Gaya community inside my Moving Museum. Kuya Gaya is an independent community that works with environmental issues especially Cikapundung River, they have been doing voluntarily since 2011. I put them inside my museum to acknowledge their works so their hardwork to clean the river will be recognize by more peoples. I worked with Kuya Gaya since 2011, we worked together for my Kuncen Leuwi project in 2014. Kuncen Leuwi or the guardian of the river is an artwork that I dedicated to the founders and members of Kuya Gaya community. 

This Moving Museum is a continuation of my Family Portrait project; I worked with the same community to develop this project. I respond of the environmental issue in Bandung about the development of the green area in the northern part of Bandung. This area is the water catchment area or green area of Bandung. It suppose to be there is not concrete buildings in this area, but somehow the developer got the permit to build resort, apartments, hotels, and housing in this area. This can be happened because there is a chance within the government for bribing for the permit. 

I see a similar practice in the street of Bandung, to occupy the pavements for our street food stall all we need is to pay the local parking man, police, and the local gangsters. I see a similar way of occupying the space using money. After I finished my family portrait project I asked the local gangster about the public space and how to occupy it. Because of the trust I can get the space for free, so I decide to build a moving museum. The idea of this moving museum is about occupying spaces using trust or art. This moving museum is a collaboration project between me and the local peoples or architects to explore the possibilities on building and designing a 2 x 2 cube as the museum. This is an on going project until now and can still improve and develop along the way.