Collaborator : Asep Suherna (Architect)

Objects are everything that has a form but no soul. Objects are inseparable from people’s lives. People, who have affection for the living or dead objects, choose a couple of them as the most important in their lives. If the object is connected to someone’s meaningful experiences and history, it becomes very valuable (regardless it’s initial price).

The way humans give affection to the objects, gave me the idea to exhibit objects that are really important for the inhabitants of Pulosari area. I asked several households to exhibit the most meaningful object. Some of them exhibited an object that is related to their young age, the others something important in their daily life. Every object is connected to a story. The stories that were shared with me while collecting the objects, gave me an access to people’s personal life and allowed to build the connection between me and the people in the community. The stories have become a crucial part of the exhibition.

As we can see that there are a few objects in here that one can consider as something not important, but the same thing can be really important to someone else. Some of the objects that we see on this exhibition are a symbol of urban life. But all of them create the sense of the common past and presence. In the community with no written history, the objects become symbols of the past events and present failures and achievements.

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Photo by : Djuli Pamungkas