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Pulosari, Bandung, Indonesia 2015
































Collaborator : Asep Suherna 

Objects hold a significant place in people's lives, despite lacking a soul. They are intertwined with our existence and evoke emotions and attachments. Individuals often choose certain objects as the most important ones, based on their personal significance and connection to meaningful experiences and history, regardless of their initial price.

Inspired by the affection people bestow upon objects, I conceived the idea of exhibiting items that hold great importance to the residents of the Pulosari area. I approached several households and requested them to showcase their most meaningful object. Some chose objects related to their youth, while others displayed items significant to their daily lives. Each object is accompanied by a story, forming an essential part of the exhibition.

These shared stories, collected during the process of gathering objects, provided me with insights into people's personal lives and fostered a connection between myself and the community. The stories have now become integral components of the exhibition, enabling visitors to delve into the narratives woven into each object.

It is worth noting that while some objects in the exhibition may appear insignificant to certain individuals, they hold great importance to others. Some objects represent symbols of urban life, yet collectively, they create a sense of shared past and present. In a community lacking a written history, these objects serve as symbols of past events, as well as indicators of both failures and achievements in the present.

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Photo by : Djuli Pamungkas

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