In collaboration with 
Architect : Maciej Siuda
Curator : Marianna Dobowska , Kris Lukomski
Gotong Royong "Things We Do Togehter"
Family Portrait Project, 2015
xeroxed photography
Indonesia tanpa stigma, 2017
cube-shaped construction, photographs, video 

The grassroots museum that fits into a 2×2×2 m cube was created in the Pulosari kampung in Bandung and soon became a place for meetings, conversations, exchanges and recreation for different groups of people. The collected objects had earlier belonged to local people and told their simple stories. At the exhibition, the cube serves as an incubator for Rumahloine’s brand-new project, a bridge between Bandung and Warsaw.
The photographs and portraits shown inside the cube represent HIV carriers he interviewed who are active in the campaign of INDONESIA TANPA STIGMA (INDONESIA AGAINST STIGMATIZATION). Rumahloine has spent the past few years working at the Rumah Cemara Center in Bandung, an exceptional centre of social assistance to HIV carriers, AIDS patients and their families. He uses art as a tool to join in the fight against the exclusion and stigmatization of this social group.

The mural portraits of people of Pulosari Community are Vincent Rumahloine’s photographs, which he divided up into the common A3 format using a computer program, then assembled into a whole. The portraits were initially shown in this form under a bridge in Bandung, in a gallery created together by participants in the creative process who swept rubbish from the stone riverbed in order to make the exhibition space festive. The artist and the people of Pulosari took this series of photographs over three years of conversations in their homes, shared experiences and celebrations of traditions.

Photo Bartosz Górka, Courtesy of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art