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CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland 2018

Gotong Royong "Things We Do Together" Exhibition
Family Portrait Project, 2015
xeroxed photography
Indonesia tanpa stigma, 2017
cube-shaped construction, photographs, video 
































In collaboration with 
Architect : Maciej Siuda (cube)
Curator : Marianna Dobowska , Kris Lukomski


The grassroots museum in the Pulosari kampung of Bandung, which fits into a 2x2x2 m cube, has become a hub for various groups of people to gather, converse, exchange ideas, and enjoy recreational activities. The objects displayed in the museum were previously owned by local residents and each carried its own simple story. Within the cube, a new project by Rumahloine serves as a bridge between Bandung and Warsaw.

The photographs and portraits exhibited inside the cube showcase individuals living with HIV whom Rumahloine interviewed. These individuals actively participate in the campaign for "Indonesia Tanpa Stigma" (Indonesia Against Stigmatization). Rumahloine has dedicated several years to working at the Rumah Cemara Center in Bandung, an exceptional social assistance center for HIV carriers, AIDS patients, and their families. Through art, he utilizes a powerful tool to combat the exclusion and stigmatization faced by this marginalized social group.

The mural portraits displayed in the cube are actually Vincent Rumahloine's photographs. He digitally divided the portraits into a common A3 format using a computer program and then assembled them into a cohesive whole. Initially, these portraits were exhibited in their divided form under a bridge in Bandung. The exhibition space was created collaboratively by participants in the creative process who cleaned up the stone riverbed by removing rubbish. The intention was to transform the exhibition space into a festive atmosphere. Over the course of three years, the artist and the people of Pulosari developed a close bond through conversations in their homes, shared experiences, and celebrations of traditions, resulting in the creation of this series of photographs.

Photo Bartosz Górka, Courtesy of Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art

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