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Manifesto “MULTIPOLAR” : Seni Rupa Setelah 20 Tahun Reformasi / Art after 20 years of Reformation.
National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia 2018





























Collaborator : Soni Sanjaya, Asep Suherna (Architect), Rumah Cemara Boxing Camp.
Curated by : A.Sujud Dartanto, Bayu Genia Khrisbie, Citra Smara Dewi, Teguh Margono

The Rumah Cemara Boxing Camp, which I established with four other friends in 2013, serves as a unique space for people with HIV/AIDS and drug users to train in boxing. However, over time, it has evolved into an inclusive space that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds. This boxing camp is truly special because it facilitates interactions among people that might be unlikely in other boxing gyms. The members come from various fields such as music, activism, design, science, the LGBTQ+ community, athletics, and more.

Rumah Cemara, as the parent organization of the boxing camp, has been promoting social inclusion since 2013 by opening its office not only to people with HIV/AIDS or drug users but also to the general public as part of their "INDONESIA TANPA STIGMA" (Indonesia without stigma) campaign.

For the Multipolar exhibition, I occupied the main lobby of the National Gallery to showcase the objects and programs from the Rumah Cemara Boxing Camp. Over the years, we have had three professional athletes and four amateur athletes emerge from the camp. I created a short documentary about the boxing camp, which was displayed inside the Moving Museum. Through this exhibition, my aim was to raise awareness about the Indonesia Tanpa Stigma campaign and inform people about the issues we are addressing and the progress we have made in overcoming them.

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