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Bandung, Berlin, Pforzheim, Karlsruhe 2020 - 2023
Driving The Human































Sedekah Benih, or Seed Alms, is a transformative community project based in Cibogo, Bandung, aimed at fostering resilience through urban farming, traditional ecological knowledge, visual art, music, and science. Initiated to preserve and integrate cultural practices with modern scientific understanding, this project brings together diverse communities for a shared purpose.

Through a series of workshops, discussions, communal cooking, and farming activities, Sedekah Benih empowers the community with a sense of ownership and self-confidence. The project involves collaboration with local leaders, artists, scientists, and musicians to create a holistic approach to urban gardening. By combining traditional rituals with innovative practices, such as creating music for plants, the project emphasizes the importance of micro-movements in food security and ecological sustainability.

Sedekah Benih uniquely benefits marginalized communities by facilitating inclusive public events and workshops. These activities challenge societal norms and foster a deeper connection between different community groups, highlighting the value of traditional ecological knowledge and modern scientific insights.

The project has resulted in two active community gardens, ongoing community-led initiatives, and a strengthened network of collaboration across Bandung. Sedekah Benih is a testament to the power of community-based art projects in creating sustainable, inclusive, and innovative solutions for the future.

Sedekah benih is part of the Driving The Human project

This project has been exhibited in Bandung (Goethe Institut Bandung), Berlin (Radial System , Silent Green), Pforzheim (Waisenhausplatz), Karlsruhe (ZKM)

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