"One day, two guys from Indonesia; Arie and Vincent was hang out after cooking. Then they decided to make a band rather than doing some gossip about the ghost in the middle of the night in the kitchen's castle in Warsaw. To be cool, they named this band "Społem", taken from a consumers' co-operative of Polish local grocery stores founded in 1868. A friend Kris Lukomski help to record this video in an exhibition-meeting place at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, which this exhibition brings together cooperation-based actions coming from the visual and performing arts. As they work in Ursus, Wrocław, Amazonia, a village in West Java or the outskirts of New Orleans. This two song is respond a work from a friends who also do the exhibition here. To be continued ..."

Music collaboration with AlGhorrie (Jatiwangi Art Factory)


History is A FictionSpolem
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Black Land MattersSpolem
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