Rumah Cemara is a NGO based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, their program is to increasing the quality of life of people with HIV/AIDS and people who use drugs in Indonesia. if you want to know the details about Rumah Cemara you can click here. My first meeting with Rumah Cemara is about six months ago when my friend Panca DZ introduced me to one of their leader Ginan Koesmayadi at Bawet ( a street soccer field under the Pasupati Flyover that run by Rumah Cemara). My first meeting is about a project of making a photo project that i will make a documention of people with HIV/AIDS at Rumah Cemara, at that time i had not much knowledge about HIV/AIDS so i decided to get along and make friends with them so they will accepted and feel comfortable when i documenting their daily life later. After the meeting we're going to one of the Rumah Cemara's staff near the soccer field, his name is Jimi. Jimi is one of the staff at Rumah Cemara Rehabilitation center, his duty is to helping a drug users on the facility with a counseling and other thing. After that day me and my friend Panca DZ quite often go to Rumah Cemara office at Gegerkalong Girang 52, and we started to meet a lot of new friends there, i feel that they acceptance is very good, they welcoming us like we are already meet for a long time.

In 2013 Rumah Cemara is celebrating their 10 years anniversary, so they ask our help to make a monumental artwork on their office that will inform about their 10 years of existence. We decided that Panca will make drawing with charcoal on canvas and i will make a photo collage from 2003 until 2013. There are about maybe more than 2000 photos that i have to sort and pick to represent each year, i use my spare time to sort this photo one by one each folder. I realized about one thing during the sorting process that photograph is very important element on Rumah Cemara 10 years of existence, because maybe when they are taking the pictures about ten years ago using a 2 megapixel camera or a standard film camera without any knowledge of photography technique,but i found it very beautiful today, because the ability of capturing the moment, expression, and emotion that photography have on every frame will stay like that forever. On the context of my work making this photo collage i realized there is no standard of a good photo.The composition could be wrong based on the technique, the lighting could be over or under, or even the photo could be out of focus, the most important thing that as long as the photos could deliver the information that the photographer wants on the moment he or she taking the pictures it will be a good photos.

I choose the composition of the frames because i want to show the growth of Rumah Cemara each year, and i believe that Rumah Cemara is going to be bigger and bigger in the future. One that i like about the photos that i choose on each frames is that i can feel the struggles of all the staffs to keep Rumah Cemara run on their early years, i see their seminar they attended every year, the workshop that they held for the staffs, i see that they can do a lot of great things even there is a stigma about people with HIV in Indonesia, the lack of information about HIV in Indonesia is causing this stigma. If you see the photos one by one you can feel how Rumah Cemara has grow until today. After i finish this work i realized that for all the people at Rumah Cemara there is a lot of things that happened only in 10 years not just only the program but they also lost a lot of their friends, but one thing that i like that they keep on going.

It is an honor to me that Rumah Cemara trusted me to put my artworks there in their office and access their history through their photos. I hope my works can inspire a lot of people that came to their office, and they can start to think that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence. I want to inform that the people with HIV is same with other people, they have a same opportunity, treatment, rights in this country or everywhere else in this world.