“Façade” is a photo series about the beginning of colonialism history of Indonesia by the Dutch until present day. Banda Archipelago in the 16th century was the central of the international spice trading; traders from China, Arab, Portuguese, English and Dutch come to Banda to buy the spices especially the nutmeg. The price of nutmeg at that time was really expensive in Europe, this reason why European traders wanted to monopolize the market by invading Banda. In 1621 the Dutch finally occupied the Banda Archipelago that leads them to the colonialism of Indonesia that ended in 1945. The main island in Banda archipelago is Neira Island; this is where the Dutch built their city using their plan. There are many buildings in the whole island, some of them are still well preserved but many of them also become ruins. Just by seeing the number of the ruins and heritage buildings we can see that there are a lot of unwritten history in this island. From time to time local peoples start to living side by side with this unwritten history; based on the map of this island in 1942 I explored the island and captured the unwritten history from the ruins and how the locals are living with this. This is the photo series of the façade of the ruins in Neira Island that used to be a hotel, house of the general, hospital, etc. Now the locals built their houses side by side with this ruins that creates one package of historical information. They are somehow has many versions about the history of their house, because the access of the real information is in Netherland and not many peoples came here to explain the information about the ruins. This photo series is the trigger to another discussion about the story of the ruins in the future. We can see through this series about past, present, and future of the history of Banda and also Indonesia.