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Photo on billboards
Frankfurt , Germany, 2015

































OFFM Public Art Panels will present 50 works by artists of the Rhein-Main region, creating a foundation for discussion between contemporary art and its presentation forms. Within this format the project will generate opportunities for contemporary art to present itself outside its known context. This summer, during a period of ten days, the city centres of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main will present 50 large billboards as canvases for selected international artworks. By taking the works out of the 'white cube' we create a platform to bring art into everyday life and broaden artistic awareness. Temporarily, the cityscape of Frankfurt and Offenbach will become host to an artistic dialogue, providing a space for young artists as well as already established ones to exhibit their works. The aim of this intervention is to present artworks which stand alone and function individually, while creating new contexts as well as generating a dialogue with their immediate environment.



This photograph is part of my documentary project focusing on homeless children in Bandung, my hometown. The young girl captured in the image is a participant in a football program specifically designed for homeless children, which is organized by the NGO where I volunteer. During the course of our engagement with this program, we discovered that she is currently three months pregnant. This pregnancy marks her third attempt at having a child, following two previous miscarriages. Her journey on the streets began when she was just eight years old, and she has been living there for the past ten years.

After learning about her pregnancy, we engaged in conversations and provided assistance by accompanying her to see a doctor for prenatal check-ups. Through our interactions, she shared numerous stories of her struggles, which deeply inspired me. Hearing her experiences has allowed me to cultivate a greater sense of gratitude for my own circumstances, as well as to recognize that there are individuals facing far more challenging situations who still manage to persevere.

When I showed her this particular photograph, she expressed immense joy and a sense of importance. It made her feel seen and valued. Currently, she is eight months pregnant and eagerly anticipating the arrival of her baby boy, which is expected next week. My intention in displaying this photograph on a large scale is to invite people to observe her and reflect upon her story. By learning about her experiences, I hope that individuals can find inspiration and overcome their own self-judgments, fostering healing and understanding within themselves.

Photo by : Gosha Muhamad

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