OFFM Public Art Panels will present 50 works by artists of the Rhein-Main region, creating a foundation for discussion between contemporary art and its presentation forms. Within this format the project will generate opportunities for contemporary art to present itself outside its known context. This summer, during a period of ten days, the city centres of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach am Main will present 50 large billboards as canvases for selected international artworks. By taking the works out of the 'white cube' we create a platform to bring art into everyday life and broaden artistic awareness. Temporarily, the cityscape of Frankfurt and Offenbach will become host to an artistic dialogue, providing a space for young artists as well as already established ones to exhibit their works. The aim of this intervention is to present artworks which stand alone and function individually, while creating new contexts as well as generating a dialogue with their immediate environment.


This is one of the photo from my documentary project about homeless kids in my city Bandung, she is one of the member of the football program for homeless kids that held by the organization where I am working as a volunteer. From this program we found out that she is pregnant for 3 months, this is her third pregnancy after two miscarriage. She is started to living on the street since she was 8 years old, and she is been on living on the street for 10 years now. After we talked and help her to see the doctor to checked her pregnancy, she had a lot of struggled stories that inspired me, through her story i can be more thankful for my condition and i can see that there is other people that have a problem heavier than me and can survive. She really happy when I show her this photo, because she feels important, and wanted. Now she is 8 months pregnant, and waiting for her baby boy around next week. I want to show this picture in a big scale size, so people can see her and wondering about her and when they know about her story than people can be inspired and healed from their own judgment about their self.

Photo by : Gosha Muhamad