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Jakarta, Indonesia, 2016

































“only a child” is my collaboration art project with Lentera Anak Pelangi. Lentera Anak Pelangi (LAP) is an NGO based in Jakarta that working on the issues that related to children with HIV/AIDS. For this project, I travelled around Jakarta with their staff and take a shot of the child’s with HIV toys on their house. The process of getting know the child and the family through an interview and some small talks, given me a great experience in the art making process. I found that toys is a common ground among all the children in the world, they all have the same impulse of playing with toys. Through these photo series, I want the public to see the child with HIV same as any other child. The difference is the virus within the child that not change them at all as a child. With the strong stigma and discrimination to the people with HIV in Indonesia, I want to tell to the public that child with HIV has the same right to play outside or inside the house, being in a group, do sports, music, go to school, and get a fair medical treatment.

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