Rückblick / flashback / kilas balik is a site-specific artwork that combined photo video and sound that displayed inside of the classroom at Goethe Institut Bandung during their open house event. This artwork response the idea of “taking a new step” that Goethe Institut offer for this exhibition. This exhibited at the classroom at Goethe Institut Bandung during the open house.

Humans are lived in the present and tend to remember the past and hope and wondering about the future. This artwork installation is divided into three phase. The series of old photos is representing the idea of the past. As a human that have the past, we can use the past as a milestone that can make us a better human in the future without forgetting the past. The chair that came from old Goethe Institut is representing the present, where we can sit on it and be thankful about the present and at the same time we’re facing the third phase future. Future is represented by the projection of the series of geometrical form, that gives us a glimpse of an idea what will go to happen in the future.

During my stays and interactions with the people and space at Goethe Institut Bandung, I found that the new geometric minimalist interior design of the library is the most appealing and representing the passion of Goethe Institut Bandung for the future.