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Goethe Institut Bandung, Bandung, Indonesia, 2015


































"Rückblick/Flashback/Kilas Balik" is a site-specific artwork that combines photo, video, and sound, displayed inside a classroom at the Goethe Institut Bandung during their open house event. The artwork responds to the theme of "taking a new step" presented by the Goethe Institut for this exhibition.

As human beings, we live in the present while also reflecting on the past and contemplating the future. This artwork installation is divided into three phases. The series of old photos represents the idea of the past. By acknowledging and learning from our past experiences, we can become better individuals in the future without forgetting where we came from. The chair, originating from the old Goethe Institut, symbolizes the present. Sitting on the chair, we can appreciate and be grateful for the present moment while simultaneously facing the third phase, the future. The projection of a series of geometric forms represents the future, providing us with a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Throughout my time spent at the Goethe Institut Bandung and my interactions with its people and spaces, I discovered that the new geometric minimalist interior design of the library was particularly captivating. It serves as a representation of the institute's passion for the future and their commitment to embracing new ideas and possibilities.

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