Sanggar means studio, classroom, hangout place, house, to study and share. There are many traditional values and arts that being passed grom generations to generations through sanggar. Sanggar is closely related with the traditional art practice, not like contemporary art that closely related with the modern institutions such as art schools , museums, and galleries. Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer tried to use both approach to create a safe space  for rhe peoples tht involve.


Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer ( The Studio of Contemporary Art) is a safe space to experiment through the artmaking process that focuses on contemporary society problems. In this space the transfer values process takes place through a process of mentoring, discussion, hang out and art exhibition. The studio was founded in early 2018 by artist Vincent Rumahloine, which was inspired by the activities created by Teguh Chile and Eko Bambang Wisnu in 2017. Two artists who made breakthroughs at UNIKOM through the exhibition of the photography unit GLOSARIUM. The exhibition offers a new way of expressing through media photography outside conventional photography.

At the end of 2017, 12 GLOSARIUM exhibitors again want to do an art exhibition again but currently they prefer to do it independently outside their photography unit. Finally they contacted Vincent Rumahloine on the recommendation of Teguh and Eko to become curators of their next exhibition. Vincent Rumahloine took the concept of sanggar is finally taken as a form of teaching, transfer values, mentoring in a informal way that are commonly used by traditional arts in Indonesia, and also as a collective learning space for everyone. Sanggar is a counter of the formal education, it is more like a community space than school. There is no pressure for everyone to finish the program and the membership status of each members of Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer is for a lifetime. The concept of sanggar are often used traditional art and craft studio, religious learning center, workshop studio, kids studio, etc. 

One of the Basement Studio rooms in the Cimbuluit area which is also the studio of Vincent was made a gathering place for the Studio members every Wednesday, where in the learning pattern without charge, without attendance, without homework, and open and accessible at any time. Various activities began with inviting the artists to do an art talk such as Nasrul Akbar as a guest lecturer, visiting Ardhana Riswarie who is an expert in the Art Therapy discipline, visiting the Mei and Tepu studios, attending exhibitions and artist talks, eating together, and other activities that are part of the group members' processes to create artwork. Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer is a safe space where every member can express and discuss things from the simplest to the most complex without any limitations. Because for us listening is an important part of the learning process. The basic principle of the studio itself is that every individual who is present in a circle intentionally or unintentionally is important.

The current phenomenon of Indonesian contemporary art scene nowadays where exhibitions have taken place almost everywhere, especially in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Makassar, etc. makes the art close to today's society without being balanced with popular oral or written explanations from the inside circle of art scene. Lately there has been a selfie phenomenon in front of the work, works that were mistreated by visitors and some even experienced damage, and other problems which had become one of the topics of discussion of artists in Bandung. It raisdes questions like what art functions for society? Do the people who come to the exhibition and do selfies understand the concept of the artists who exhibit? and other questions. Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer try to contribute to the process of educating the public through peoples from various background who are invited to go through the process of creating artwork so that they will slowly understand simple questions about why the work should not be held? What do artists mean to exhibit? and others.

Sanggar Seni Rupa Kontemporer simply try to provide an experience of the process of creating works whose membership is open to anyone from any background without having to have the basic skills of art. For us the process of creating art and exhibitions can be a medium for understanding ourselves as human beings better, and can be a valuable experience that can affect the future of mankind. The diversity of disciplinary backgrounds also opens up a new possibility among young people to collaborate and create something that is not only tied to the creation of artwork but also other potentials such as archiving, art management, etc. which will be very useful for the development of contemporary art in Indonesia in the future.